Vaping is one of the fastest and most popular industries in Idaho and across the country.  Vaping shops have become almost ubiquitous in every Idaho town.Democrat State Representative John Gannon has introduced Legislation today that would place a retail tax on vape sales in the Gem State.   He shared his thoughts in a written statement:

“Vaping has become an epidemic for our youth. This legislation is being brought to raise awareness of the issue.” Representative John Gannon explained. “In my district, schools have had increases in incidents involving students vaping. I am very concerned about how that impacts the health of the young people in my district and all over the state. There needs to be education and outreach to curb their use.”

Currently, Vapes or E-Cigarettes, are not licensed in Idaho.  The state has now way of estimating how much revenue would be raised by taxing the popular vaping industry.  The bill, if approved, would place a 15% tax on Vape sales taking place in the Gem State.

Representative Gannon explained why the 15% tax.

“The intent of the legislation is to tax the vape material with nicotine in it.” He said. “The 15% percentage is very similar to how cigarettes are taxed.”

The bill will now move forward for debate in the House and if approved, will go to the state Senate for consideration.

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