The Northwest Marijuana advocates are at it again on two fronts. As we've covered recently and will expand upon, a group of individuals will lobby the state to allow you to drive to Oregon or Washington to buy up to three ounces of the weed without being prosecuted.

If you think that tops the local potheads wish list, think again, true believer. Our neighbors in Washington State have adopted a program called 'Jabs for Joints.' Yep, you can get vaccinated at a dispensary and received a free rolled-up joint. Who needs Biden's burgers and beer when you can get the poke and toke in Washington State?

The Idaho Press says that folks can have up to July 12th to take advantage of this unique program. I can imagine how many dope smokers fantasize about Idaho Dispensaries doing the same thing as those in Washington?

I can hear President Biden, along with Governor Inslee, advocating for this program. "Do your part to keep our country safe, get the vaccine, and smoke the weed."  Fortunately Gem State Lawmakers will not make that unfortunate decision in the near future.  Idaho continues to be the one state that follows Nancy Reagan's guidance, 'just say no.'


As we reported last week here, our old friends at the Idaho Cannabis Coalition have begun another campaign to legalize lawbreakers transporting up to three ounces of marijuana from Oregon without prosecution.  The movement garnered a lot of media attention, but will not go anywhere.  The reason Idaho continues to be the vanguard of liberty is that the state will always say no to such dopey programs as jabs for joints and the grab your weed to go.

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