Kevin Miller begins the program this morning by previewing the upcoming elections.  Boise, Meridian, and Star will be electing a mayor today.  Kevin Miller urges Idahoans to vote today.  Kevin Miller reports on a troubling story involving food. Tainted ground beef is being blamed for a salmonella outbreak that's left at least one person dead and countless others ill.Investigators trying to determine the cause of the outbreak tested leftover ground beef found in a sick person's California home and found it had been infected, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While CDC officials have yet to determine where the ground beef came from or where it was sold, they believe it's been distributed to at least six states where illnesses have occurred. Officials say the effects of this particular strain of salmonella are more severe than usual.Until investigators learn more about the infected beef, the CDC is advising people to make sure ground beef is thoroughly cooked before eating it.  Kevin Miller asks the following question:  Are you going to "thoroughly cook" your ground beef, or stop eating it until this blows over?  Kevin Miller interviews Congressman Russ Fulcher.  The congressman updates the audience on the latest concerning the impeachment movement in Congress.  Kevin Miller reports on a tragic case involving the murder of an American LDS family in Mexico.




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