As the Senate continues to decide the fate of President Donald Trump, one national politician continues in pattern of upsetting the Conservative Republican base that elected him in 2016.  That national politician is former Massachusetts  Governor, 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee and current United States Senator from Utah Mitt Romney.  Recently the senator shocked both sides of the deeply partisan hearings by saying he wanted to hear from former National Security Advisor John Bolton.  Bolton served in the Trump White House briefly before being fired by the president after serving about a year in office.  Bolton is getting ready to publish a new book that contradicts the president's recollection of the events involving the Ukraine.

Romney's statement that he wants Bolton to testify has angered Republicans across the country.  Many political activities believe the Senate will vote not to allow witnesses involving the Impeachment Hearings.  The Washington Examiner reports that the Senate Republicans now believe they can end impeachment tomorrow.  The backlash against Romney is now being felt in his home state of Utah.

The influential Club for Growth has begun airing ads accusing Romney of siding with the Democrats over the president.  Here's the ad.

A local Utah representative is now spearheading a referendum that would allow Utahans to remove their senator from office says the Utah Policy Institute.  Clearly Romney once again has misjudged the political playing field.  He should get with program or become a Democrat.

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