While most Americans are wondering if there's another bailout on the way, Congress continues to fight over how much money will be sent to the home.  Now 7 states have decided to give their folks help right now.  The 7 states are using their money given to them courtesy of President's Trump executive orders reports CNBC.  The 7 states are Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Iowa, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Missouri.    The relief could amount to $300 in additional unemployment benefits.  The order was signed on August 8th. $44 billion will come from FEMA to establish the "low wages assistance" program.

The federal government will provide those eligible with $300 on top of their state-issued unemployment aid.  States can also choose to throw in another $100 if they have funding to do so, according to NBC News.  We'll see whether or not Congress will augment the president's aid package to the states.  The president did receive a large amount of criticisms for his efforts to help Americans.

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