MSNBC News has joined ABC News in covering Idaho's Crisis Standards of Care enacted by Northern Idaho hospitals this week. As we reported here, ABC News devoted two days of coverage to our hospitals' lack of ICU resources. Now multi-millionaire commentator MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is criticizing Idaho's Republican leadership. 

The MSNBC host points out that Idaho now has federal troops to help augment the local hospital workers. She continues by telling the nation about our health districts, including a breakdown of Central District Health. Maddow reports on Doctor Ted Epperly getting the boot and the appointment of Doctor Ryan Cole.  

Democratic House Minority Leader State Representative Ilene Rubel gave Maddow her objective report from Boise on MSNBC. "We have a dumpster fire, and our elected GOP leaders are dumping kerosene on it right now. They fired a nationally acclaimed leader of our public health district because he recommended masks." She continued telling Maddow that she sees the state as a calamity that will be escalating.  

The Democrat continued by agreeing with the MSNBC host that Idaho is going in the opposite direction of states facing similar Covid challenges. She continued by saying that more than ninety percent of ICU patients being unvaccinated. Rubel brought up Speaker Bedke's letter concerning reconvening the legislature. She said she believes that is the wrong move.  

Predictably there wasn't another side of the story to share on the liberal network. As one who has covered Gem State politics for years, the Republican leadership would hardly be described as radical. It's a shame that MSNBC only cares about one side of the story.

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