A new poll says that Governor Little is more popular than the state legislature. A unique mixture of special interests has gathered together as the legislature works to wrap up its extended session. The group reads like a list of the usual suspects Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry, the Idaho Education Association, and the Boise Metro Chamber.

We'll break down the results for you in a minute. Essentially it says that the legislature does not have the popular support of the electorate that identifies itself as Republican. The phone survey was conducted of 400 Idahoans.

What did the poll say?

The poll found 43% of Republican voters found Governor Little's behavior favorable, while 21% rated him unfavorably. The question was worded differently for the legislature. 13% of Republican voters rated the body excellent/good. 15% of respondents rated them poorly. The super friends of lobbying then shared with us the following lecture, courtesy of their joint release.

Statement from the 'super friends' of lobbying

"As Teacher Appreciation Week begins across the country and here in Idaho, we hope the legislature will take a moment to step back from its political food fight and follow the lead of their voters. Though you wouldn't know it from how their elected representatives in the Capitol are acting, conservative Republicans across the state highly regard our state's teachers and say funding Idaho's public schools is their top priority this legislative session. Additionally, the performative rejection of desperately needed federal dollars for early childhood education and COVID preparedness in our schools runs completely counter to the desire of primary voting Republicans in Idaho. It's time for the legislature to get to work for their voters and then go home."

The real voice of the people

Despite the propaganda, does anyone believe that Governor Little is more popular than the legislature? The only poll that matters is election day and how you vote. Lobbying groups don't decide political outcomes in Idaho; your vote does.

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