The New York Times reports that Oregon and Idaho are running out of ICU beds. The story recycles the issues we've been covering at a local level for the past few weeks. The Gem State is currently number two in the country for folks not getting vaccinated. The article details how both states are struggling to keep from overwhelming their ICU Beds.  

In the past, state officials have issued restrictions on indoor and outdoor attendance. Oregon's Governor Brown has given an indoor and outdoor mask mandate for all Oregonians. Idaho has never had a statewide order and, due to the political nature of the state, will not likely issue one. Although masks protect folks from Covid, there appears to be a limit on their protection. According to the Idaho Statesman, Boise School District reports 150 Covid cases three weeks into the new school year.

Last year, health districts across the state issued restrictions and mandates. Their moves were credited with 'crushing the curve' of the virus. The economic cost of those restrictions and shutdowns cost many Idahoans their businesses and livelihoods. Politically both Republicans and Democrats faced harsh criticism for the shutdowns. Do we see a contest between health and economics?

That will appear to be the case if you look at the numbers. ICU beds are filling up as fast as stadiums and concert venues. Have we heard of any health districts meeting to discuss the growing Covid outbreak? Has Speaker Bedke considered recalling the legislature to address the ICU crisis? Remember the legislature vowed that they would never allow the executive to make decisions again without their approval?

The Boise mayor appears to follow the same path. Could the negative impact from businesses over her last shutdown be why we are not hearing from her? Without a look at restrictions, Idahoans will not get the message of the rising Covid threat.

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