Senator Mitt Romney has had better days.  The junior Republican senator from Utah was traveling back to Washington DC from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Usually, that's not a big deal, but this time it was different.  You can watch the video right here.

Hindsight being 20/20, Senator Romney probably should've taken another flight on another day.  Why?  Thousands are expected to be in the nation's capitol in support of the president.  It's a safe bet that most of those folks on that Salt Lake flight were MAGA Folks.

You can see a great clip here, thanks to our friends at the Deseret News.  Did Romney deserve to be called names and harassed while flying?  Well, we do have the First Amendment in America.  However, Conservatives should not be employing the harassment strategies of the left.



Could this happen in Idaho?  Let's hope not?


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