To the surprise of no one, the Idaho House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would legalize the Hemp plant by a vote of 63-7. The farmers love it. The politicians love it. The Federal Government loves it by legalizing Hemp through last years Farm Bill. So why would anyone not want legalized Hemp in the Gem State?

Folks, we've seen this movie before in other states across the country. Legalizing Hemp is the first move to the eventual legalization of Marijuana. There's a group already putting together a petition drive to allow 'Medical Marijuana' to become legal in Idaho. Although some people are well-meaning in wanting to help the sick, it becomes impossible to determine who is and who wants to get high.

Once Medical Marijuana becomes legal, it's only a matter of time before Recreational Pot becomes state law. Say goodbye to the tremendous family-friendly quality of life that we have here without the weed going mainstream. Ask any of your friends in other states if legalizing pot has increased their quality of life? Statistically, there's an increase in car accidents due to impaired driving, crime goes up, and drug rehab centers are overflowing with the 'harmless drug ' users.

In a letter to Legislators, the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association said, 'HB 122 includes no protections for law enforcement and will effectively legalize Marijuana in this state."

Can our elected officials or we afford to ignore their warning?


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