The New Hampshire Primary is once again the focus of the political world.  Unlike in previous years, this year's primary has the most significance in quite sometime.Usually the Iowa Caucuses set the tone on who will be the most viable contenders for the presidential political race.  The top three or in some rare cases four candidates have historically road a wave into New Hampshire.  This year due to Iowa's incompetency of the state's Democratic Party, we don't know who won Iowa.  The confusion partnered with the Impeachment of President Trump muted the world's attention on the Democratic field.

No free media, means no Iowa bump.  Critics are now calling for Iowa to lose it's first in the nation status.  Now it's up to New Hampshire to set the record straight.  Political operatives have clamored for the removal of Iowa and New Hampshire as the first in the nation states.

Their argument is that America is changing and that both states aren't a reflection of America's diversity.  Using their logic, should we sacrifice tradition to accommodate a more diverse, yet arguably less passionate electorate.  The magic of New Hampshire is that it's a small state.

Candidates can practice retail politics which allow their ideas to be heard by real voters.  Does anyone ever get to question a candidate running for state office in bigger states like California and New York?  It's about big money ad buys at that level.  The people are removed from the process.

The people of New Hampshire follow politics like the rest of the country follows their favorite sports team.  Candidates come away amazed at the amount of attention their past votes receive from voters.  The voters understand they have a responsibility to vet Republicans and Democrats that allow the rest of the country to make an informed decision.  If more states were like New Hampshire, our political process would be much further down the right side of history.

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