Idaho is one of the most conservative states in the country. During his last campaign, the state was given the nickname 'the reddest of the red' by then-Governor Butch Otter. After winning his third term, Otter's phrase has led to thousands of political exiles leaving their liberal homes in hopes of a better life in Republican Idaho. Last year, forty-eight thousand Americans relocated to Idaho. Phil Kerpen of American Commitment told us that he's never seen such a migration to a state with an income tax.  

Idaho Governor Brad Little is touting his victory over President Biden's vaccine mandate. The governor joined other states in suing the president over his vaccine mandate. The governor stated along with Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.  

"Biden's attempts to fast track a vaccine mandate on America's workforce failed. Idaho prevailed in our fight to protect the rights of Idaho workers from Biden's illegal vaccine mandate on private businesses. The news that the Biden Administration withdrew the emergency mandate puts an exclamation point on the states' hard-fought legal battle to uphold state sovereignty and protect Americans from an overreaching federal government. We remain vigilant and continue to work for Idahoans to guard against future government overreach," 

Governor Little is not without his critics. He has yet to declare his candidacy for reelection and has almost half a dozen primary challengers. Idaho has a super Republican majority on the outside, so how could any other state rival Idaho's conservative direction? Well, it comes to the governmental separation of powers, the liberal Washington legislature is moving in a direction that the Idaho Legislature has failed to act in the last two years.  

Although legislators pledged to curb the governor's increased power under the soon-to-be two years of the state of emergency, they've failed to end the state of emergency or curb the governor's new capabilities. One liberal state in our area is taking action against its governor. Believe it or not, that state is Washington, and unlike Idaho's Republicans, Washington's Democrats are leading the charge against Democratic Governor Jay Inslee.  

The Hill reports that Washington Democrat Emily Randall has introduced a bill that would allow Washington's Legislature to end Insley's run of rule by emergency. Washington is not the only state where state legislatures have organized to end their governor's emergency powers. New Mexico, Indiana, Georgia, and New Hampshire are a few of the more notable ones.  

Last year, Idaho's House and Senate passed bills that would return a balance of power between the branches of government. As reported by the Idaho Press, both measures were vetoed, and we're upheld. Governor Little called out all the former living governors to back him up against the legislature.  

Will Idaho's legislature follow the example of liberal Washington state or continue to take direction from the governor?

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