The weight loss battle hits so many worldwide.  It's one of very few truly nonpartisan issues. This week, I learned the magic of cooking. For most folks, cooking is a magical experience, for me it's intimidating.   I've lived my entire life without learning how to cook.  As part of my commitment to getting healthy and putting my health first, I had my first lesson on how to prepare a few healthy meals.  A huge thanks to Pohley at CleanfoodRD for sharing her recipes for healthy Chicken, Stir Fry, and Frittata.

Meal prep has been credited with helping so many people stay on their programs.  I'm now going to work on creating these dishes by myself.  I've tried it myself using the Spartan approach of cooking chicken breasts, vegetables, and potatoes.  The taste was not something that I looked forward to eating.  Thus, it was easy to get derailed off my commitment.

I want to thank Kristin Armstrong at Pivot Gyms in Boise and Meridian.  Kristin has helped me focus on the exercise part of losing weight.  I want to thank Chase who has guided me through my first workouts.  The pace has been non-intimidating; combing both strength and cardio health.

Experts say commitment is a big part of losing weight.  I humbly admit that I've needed the folks mentioned above who continued to encourage me.  I hope to be an example to encourage others.  We're all in this together.


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