Idaho Governor Brad Little has announced that he and the state of Idaho will sue President Biden over his unlawful vaccination mandate. The Idaho Legislature is reconvening on November 15th to pass a state law against Biden's forced vaccination mandate.  

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Governor Little issued the following statement from a press release: 

"I joined Idaho leaders in communicating to President Joe Biden in September our concerns with his federal vaccine mandate on private business, and we threatened legal action if he did not rescind the directive. Not surprisingly, President Biden is plowing forward with his OSHA rule to punish America's businesses – yet another unprecedented federal overreach into the private sector. I have been actively working with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and my legal team, and we will join a multistate lawsuit Friday to stop this latest attempt to force the private sector to police President Biden's vaccine mandates."


It would appear that based on the actions of both the governor and the legislature, Idaho's government is fighting for the individual's right to say no to the vaccine shot? However, where we're all the politicians when several hospitals and the state's military troops and contractors faced the same vaccination or termination mandates?  

Standing for Freedom

Nurses, medical professionals, and contractors have lost their jobs because they do not want to be forced to take the poke. After months of trying to get an audience with the speaker of the house and the governor, the group Take a Stand Now received a minimal response from both officials. A group of state senators vowed to help them facilitate a meeting with the hospitals but failed to accomplish their mission of coming up with a 'non-government solution.'  

YouTube/ Idaho Public Television

Are Idaho politicians' virtue signaling or standing up for us? The lieutenant governor has been the only elected official to speak out against our state's military forced vaccination? Has the state become so desensitized to vaccine mandate that the media have ignored the news that Saltzer Health is now mandating the vaccine?  


A cynic would say the lawsuits and the upcoming session are nothing but political posturing by our elected officials ramping up the base before their reelection primary in May. Can anyone make the case that it's anything else?

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