Will President Donald Trump endorse a candidate in the upcoming race for governor in Idaho? According to a release from the campaign, Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has met with the president in Florida. This is the second time that she and Donald Trump have met to discuss Idaho, education, and their efforts to promote an America First agenda.

The lieutenant governor shared her thoughts about meeting with the president. "It is such an honor to meet personally with President Trump," McGeachin said. "We spoke on the continuation of the America First agenda for our country and for the great state of Idaho. I will not cower to Joe Biden and his destructive policies that are now directly affecting Idaho."

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She continued to expose her love for the Gem State. "I love America, and I love Idaho," said McGeachin. "We cannot stand idly by and allow the next generation to suffer the consequences of our inaction. President Trump understands this, and I look forward to working with him in the future to bring his America First agenda to Idaho."

As we've reported here, here, and here, the thought of a Trump endorsement would supercharge any Republican running for office in Idaho. One could make a case that each leading Republican candidate has a connection to President Trump. It was disappointing that the president didn't visit Idaho during his time in office.  

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McGeachin is the only candidate that has met with the former president. Earlier in the year, she flew out to Trump Tower to discuss her views on education. Will the president endorse an Idaho candidate? It depends on who has the most influence over an impending endorsement.  

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Governor Little worked with the administration and had a close relationship with Vice President Pence. Could a Pence endorsement help him in the primary? Ed Humphreys is close to Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, who is close to Don Junior. Ammon Bundy now has the endorsement of Roger Stone, who is a close Trump adviser.  

The second McGeachin/Trump meeting is a signal that Idaho's Lieutenant Governor has the ear of the president. Is there a more powerful political signal than that one?  

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